Hello from Her Tasty Life! Glad you could join me.

Despite this being the first post, I don’t want to bore you with details about me and what’s to come. Yes, you’ll find tasty tidbits about restaurants, travel, recipes and maybe even a little fashion and beauty inspo. But, ultimately, the goal is to get’cha hungry. Nothing does that better than Bohemian House in Chicago’s River North.

They get it so very right here.

Photo: Bohemian House

Photo: Bohemian House

I love the juxtaposition of the sexy, rustic décor with hearty, Central European soul food. It’s a bit unexpected yet completely approachable. The very on-trend BoHo House looks like something straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. The mixed textiles and eclectic lighting against the worn woods and homey accents is just perfection. If only my house looked like this, for real.

Photo: Bohemian House

Photo: Bohemian House

Luckily, the food stands up where the aesthetics leave off.

Really delicious, filling, well-executed bohemian fare is happening here. If you don’t know what that is, fear not. The menu is straightforward and easy to navigate. Think robust dishes like beef pierogi and pork schnitzel, or, deviled eggs and slow roasted beets. Food like grandma would make. If your grandma was particularly adept in the kitchen like Chef Jimmy Papadapoulos is.

Photo: Bohemian House

Photo: Bohemian House

The recent cold weather seems to be the perfect excuse to warm your soul at BoHo. The food is just comforting and cozy. Like a fuzzy blanket for your belly.

Not to be missed: Potato pancakes with cured salmon, apple preserves, kohlrabi and dill, the luxurious bone marrow with steak tartare (yes, together in one dish!), and the hearty Chicken Paprikash with pickled sweet peppers and Czech potato dumplings. Those three dishes, in that order, blissful boho perfection.

Great spot for dates, groups, or playing Euro for the night. Bohemian House is where the heart is… Czech ’em out!

Bohemian House | 11 W Illinois Street | Chicago | IL | 60654



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