Friday Links 2.0

Friday Links

Hey, guys. Its been awhile since we’ve just had a few good links, hasn’t it?

The summertime always feels so busy. You spend the long days trying to make the most of the good weather, sunshine and feel-good vibes, that suddenly the more important things (though really, what’s more important than sunshine?) fall behind. My blogging schedule has gotten a little lax while my patio imbibing has elevated to an all-time high. Priorities.

Recommitting to schedule and consistency is always top of my list as the summer end approaches. Nothing gets me better organized and on track than lists – duh! – lists are the best. So, for this Friday, it’s links-a-plenty to my wish list items for the upcoming weeks. Where I want to eat, a few fab Fall clothing tidbits, and how I’m going to get out there and make the most of what we’ve got left of Summer.

Friday Links


Friday Links

photo: Timeout

Where to Eat 

  • If I don’t get to Parachute soon to try the signature Bing Bread (pictured above), I might die.
  • Roost is also super high on my list, have you seen those fried chicken sammiches?
  • Indonesian-inspired de Quay keeps shaking its Nasi Goreng in my face and I like it.
  • And seriously. Can Maple & Ash just open already?


Friday Links

What to Buy 


Friday Links

Photo: Huffington Post

What to Do

  • Take an architecture tour by boat before it’s too late.
  • Buy insanely cheap tickets and see the White Sox play Boston this week.
  • See a movie in the park.
  • I love to standup paddle in Kauai, why not in Chicago?

Now it’s just time to get out there and tackle it all! What’s on your list of must-do’s before Summer fades away? Leave me a note in the comments below. Happy August, babes!



2 thoughts on “Friday Links 2.0

  1. Sed Bona

    That bing bread at Parachute is LIFE-CHANGING!! Erica and I ordered a SECOND order when we ate here! And I told Hubby he would have no choice but to take me on a Parachute date so he can try it too…

    Sed Bona

    1. hertastylife

      YES!! It is!! I actually was able to get in this last Saturday night. The Bing Bread was the best thing we ate, though the pork belly pancake was a VERY close second. Super YUM!


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