Hat Head

Hat Head

A fabulous winter hat is not just a fashion statement, it’s an essential, certainly here in Chicago. Keeping your head warm can mean the difference between a miserable day and a cozy, comfortable one. During our chilly months, I’m rarely, if ever, found without a hat on – and when it’s just the right hat, it ties your outfit together in a stylish, chic way that no handbag or shoe can quite compare to. Hats are everything.

No, really. Even if you’re one of those, “I don’t look good in hats” babes (I know you’re out there!), there’s a hat – or head wrap – for you. Whether you’re into stylish suede baseball caps or a cosy beanie, there’s a hat out there for everyone! Everyone can look good in the right hat. I love the head wrap trend and think the wide headband approach works universally. I included a few here… it’s a great addition to the accessory closet if you don’t own one already.

I saw a bunch of my chapeau favs recently hit the sale rack and thought it would be a great time for us to swoop up some deals. FYI, there’s a Betsey Johnson beanie hiding out for only $7.62 on here. You need it in your life immediately.

Although I have quite a few hats in my collection, some of my favorites would have to be my custom beanies! I got them embroidered with my initials and I was so pleased with how they turned out. Custom printed beanies make great gifts too. Plus, they are great for sports teams and clubs during the winter. In fact, I wear my beanies all the time!

So, whether it’s in a fabulous fedora, or a totally awesome trapper hat, stay warm AND look lovely. Hover over the hat you love above to shop the post.


8 thoughts on “Hat Head

  1. E in Chicago

    Hats, YES. I’m in Montreal right now, gonna swoop me up some Canada Goose with the excellent exchange rate goin’ on.

          1. hertastylife

            Counterfeit…. OH HELLO NO!!!! Hopefully you got your hands on a real one. I bought mine from Saint Bernard. They’re a Canada Goose licensed re-seller. Prices were reasonable for what I seeing online.

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