plaid top
Mad for Plaid

It’s not often an outfit post tugs on my heartstrings. I’m usually gabbing about great fit or a fun style steal, but never about how purchasing clothing from a certain company means as much to me as this does. This…

baby sleep routine
Sleeping Through the Night: Blake’s Bedtime Routine

When I tell people – especially new moms – that our 3 month old son, Blake, has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks old, I almost always get the same reaction: a big gasp followed by the ‘ol…

free people
Burgundy Bliss

Nothing screams fall to me more than changing over the colors of the items hanging in my closet. While my love for cool tones and blushes knows no bounds, it’s the rich jewel tones and fabulous textures that I get…

Marc Fisher Velvet Bootie
Falling for Velvet

It’s never easy to say goodbye to summer, but I found myself clinging to this summer in particular since it came and went in a flash, at least for me. I spent the majority of the season pregnant or home…

new mom outing
New Mom Outing | My Day at The Roosevelt Collection Shops

Being a new mom has brought with it a ton of firsts… baby’s first bath, first smile, first walk to the park, and my not-so-favorite first, first time being stuck in the house ALL. DAY. LONG. Let me tell you,…