Seven Tips For a Fresh Fall Wardrobe


Fall Fashion Tips

This fun article on Fall fashion tips hit my desk  yesterday. It was all about maximizing what you already have in your closet by adding just a few key pieces to transition a Summer wardrobe into something fully Fall functional. Without fail, the Summer-to-Fall change in threads always throws me for a loop. I never fully get into the swing of amazing, languid layers and effortless “boot socks” until Winter is nastily thrust into our face and I’m already reaching for the Canada Goose instead.

I stare at the darling dresses and flirty skirts I just had in heavy rotation and wonder… “what the heck did I wear at this time last year?”

Then the shopping frenzy ensues. All new flannel button-downs, tweed blazers clogging up my Pinterest, seven new faux fur items (truth)… all resulting in an online cart so long it would even make a Kardashian cry.

Don’t break the bank! These 7 Fall fashion tips to a fresh wardrobe does away with that insanity. A few necessary items to refresh what you’ve got? YES! The entire Amazon women’s clothing cache arriving at your door in 2-days flat? Fun… but NO.


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1. Keep Your Maxi Dresses | Those long, flowy masterpieces aren’t just for beachy days and balmy nights. Toss a longline sweater or leather jacket over your maxi with darling ankle boots for the perfect Fall ensemble!

2. Presto! Just Add Tights | Any favorite dress or skirt you want to carry over from the Summer can be refreshed with a quality pair of opaque tights (these are my favorite). Opacity is key! The darker, the better. No nylons here, ladies! Patterns, chunky tights and leggings work, too.

3. Layer Up | Layered looks are the easiest way to a fashion forward Fall. Want to take risks? Look like someone who just stepped out of Vogue mag? Layer it up! Think: flannel under a sweater under a blazer OR a ruffled blouse under a vest with a thick-knit scarf. 3 items up top? Oh go on, add one more!

4. Invest in a Statement Jacket | The word ‘statement’ can often be misleading. By statement I don’t mean just go for it and spend away… its more, find an awesome jacket that stands out and sets your daily Fall looks apart from the pack. This wool-blend jacket is on-trend, fabulous AND affordable. Or try this bouclé over piece for a more structured look.

5. Add Deeper Colors | Oxblood. Chocolate. Plum. Sounds like items you might find in the kitchen, but they should all be on your BODY. Rich, deep tones are the signature calling card of Fall. When in doubt, rock something burgundy! Put away those ivory and coral tanks from Summer. Stick to pieces like this oxblood leather dress or skirt for maximum hotness.

6. Ignore the Rules | No white after Labor Day? Says who?! Crisp white looks amazing as the weather cools down. They don’t call it Winter White for nothin’. Try pairing a long blazer like this with faux leather skinnies for the perfectly polished look.

7. BUY THE BOOTS | The time has come. It’s TIME TO SPLURGE. Buy the boots. You heard me. Buy them! If you love them and you think you can’t live without them, you’re probably right. Old boots from last year are not the item you want to replay in this year’s wardrobe. As I’m sure you already know, the boot of the Fall is this boot. You’ve seen it on every “it girl” and for good reason. It goes with EVERYTHING. Dresses, leggings, jeans and more. The price may have you tearing your hair out, so I found fabulous dupes for you at better price points here and here. You’re welcome!

No need to blow the budget, unless it’s on the boots, I guess. Find inspiration in your already-fabulous staples and add a few statements to round out the rest. Because life is too short to wear boring clothes!



4 thoughts on “Seven Tips For a Fresh Fall Wardrobe

  1. Donna

    Love the boot!!! But give us budget challenged girls a break..Don’t make us jealous and sad..Give us an alternative boot in the lower hundreds range, please.

    1. hertastylife

      I did!! I provided two lesser priced alternatives for the same boot style… the first option was $149 and the second option was $213 — much cheaper than the Stuart Weitzman version! Try those :))

  2. Sed Bona

    Those boots really are THE fall boot! I need a pair of the high-heeled version!! I keep wearing my lowlands nonstop. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to invest in them — the price is rough but I swear I’ve worn them everyday since I bought them. I think before long the price-per-wear will be WAY easier to swallow lol.

    Great round-up Brett darling!

    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. hertastylife

      Thank you, LOVEY!!! I finally took my own advice and BOUGHT THE BOOTS!! I see how lovely you look in your Lowlands and I just couldn’t resist. The dupes are great, but you’re absolutely right… if you’re getting the wear out of them, it’s worth the spend! Plus, nothing makes me more happy than shoes. Fact


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