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Today’s post was inspired by a recent gal-to-gal conversation I had with my fabulous cousin, Jordan (hi, Jordy). She was lamenting that there are so many options for online shopping now, it’s hard to decipher where to turn for stylish stuff that is easy to purchase (and return, if necessary) and has great, quality product.

As a self-proclaimed, professional online shopper, I can attest the struggle is real. So many cheap – but enticing – “style” sites have popped up and are advertising to the trendy shopper — hard. They bait you in with sleek, pinterest-worthy photography and then send you items that looks nothing like how they did in the photo and are difficult or cost prohibitive to return. These (often) Chinese-based sites are the ones you want to avoid BIG TIME. Lucky for you, it will be easy to steer clear. It’s best to look at the sites you can find on kataoka online instead.

In case that’s too hard for you to navigate, I’ve compiled my four favorite sites for shopping online right here! Although, I must give Amazon Smile prime an honorable mention because of their heartwarming charitable intentions. These sites are 99% of where my wardrobe comes from and where the shopping experience has been top notch and, more importantly, easy. Returns are processed quickly and there are no hidden fees or catches. Read on to find out where you should start shopping the interwebz, you might even find Payday Deals offers Afterpay and much more … I mean, a Spring wardrobe refresh is in order, isn’t it?

favorite online shopping

Revolve Clothing | Revolve is my main squeeze. With free shipping and returns it’s always one of my favorite sites and my most frequent go-to for chic, feminine looks. If you have your own shipping company take a look at https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container.
You’ll find some edgy styles here, but the site is mainly geared toward more breezy and bohemian looks. Think: flowy maxi dresses, lace blouses and delicate, layered pieces. I always hunt here first for outfits for the blog and dresses for events and weddings. Their accessories department is super on point and I always find the best hats here! Pricing can skew a bit high for some designers, but the sale tab is updated frequently and always has a TON to browse.

Nordstrom | The mothership. It should go without saying that Nordstrom.com is one of the best online shopping sites. Easy to navigate (I LOVE all of their organized subcategories like “the dress shop” and “vacation destinations”) and free shipping and returns ALWAYS. The sheer amount of stock can be overwhelming at times, and ‘just browsing’ can turn into a small marathon, but if you’re hunting for something specific – say, a tan suede bootie – their search function rocks. It almost always intuitively takes me exactly to what I had in mind. Gotta love an online mindreader. Try Nordstrom online for shoes, sunglasses, activewear (love the Zella line) and fab threads in the Trend Shop.

Nasty Gal | For the girl with the sharp edges. When I want to get a little more bold with my look I head over to Nasty Gal. Semi-off putting name aside, this site has all of the “cool stuff.” From the newest trends, to super sassy looks, you’ll find fabulously unique and adventurous clothing here. When the lace-up top trend started to take off, I knew I would find a plethora of options at Nasty Gal… and I was right! SCORE. They’re always cutting edge and I love that. Shipping is always free for orders over $75, unfortunately, returns for a refund (instead of store credit) do come with a $5.99 restocking fee. Do keep that in mind while shopping your little heart out.

ASOS | For everybody! If you can’t find something you love at ASOS online, you likely don’t have a pulse. Ok, I’m kidding, but they really are a tremendous mecca of darling products. From soft and feminine, to edgy and cool, ASOS really does have it all. They manage to stay on top of trend while also carrying fabulous basics. Over 850+ brands are housed here online in addition to ASOS’ own house label. Shopping here for me mainly means hunting for daywear and casual outfits. On occasion I’ll find something fancy and fabulous, but it’s mostly their denim and tops that call to me. Shipping is free on all orders over $40, although I’ve noticed ASOS’ shipping tends to be a bit slower than most retailers.


I hope you feel like you can go forth and shop with confidence, my loves. And while you’re at it, put something in that cart for me, too, will ya?


2 thoughts on “Favorite Online Shopping

  1. Woof12

    Love this article!! Yes..Nordstrom is the absolute go-to because of their amazing customer service. I see Revolve come up a lot on my screen ~ have clicked on it a few times..but probably not so much for a little “older” ladies. If you have a few tips for “trendy but tasty” for us “older” girls, that would be appreciated. Love you Her Tasty Life.

    1. hertastylife

      You should stick to Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman’s, Bergdorfs… you know, the good stuff. That’s what the “older” ladies like. But, do you ever shop Anthropologie? You might like their online store for cute tops and sweaters and pretty, drapey stuff!


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