A Babymoon for Baby Two at Park Hyatt Chicago


A babymoon… is it a rite of passage? New-fangled trend? A must-do on every mamas list? I seem to fall into the camp of ‘non-prioritized’ because as I looked back, I realized that Eric and I hadn’t done a babymoon during our last pregnancy, and with just ten weeks to go, hadn’t planned one for this one either. Yikes. 

What’s with the lack of mooning, Firdmans? We love to travel, love hotels, and certainly love any excuse to jump into a fluffy robe and get all relaxed and pampered. I think what it really boils down to is simply a very busy schedule combined with the stress and distraction of getting ready for baby. 

It can be a lot and some things fall by the wayside. 

But, not this time! Goodbye lack of planning, hello Park Hyatt Chicago… 


I really wanted the experience of a babymoon, but at 30 weeks pregnant, didn’t want to travel (gah, it’s so uncomfortable!) and didn’t want to be away from Blake too long. So, a staycation babymoon close to home was the ideal answer to my babymoon-ing prayers.

The Park Hyatt Chicago offered everything we were looking for in a perfect weekend away. Sumptuous rooms, a world class spa – with pool and jacuzzi, of course – amazing dining options, incomparable views of the city, and top notch service. 


Talk about some sweet digs! This is city living at its absolute finest. Our Lake Suite was positively palatial and outfitted with Armani furnishings (chic!), insane Lake Michigan views, a huge bathroom with soaking tub, dining room, powder room, and so much more. It was all so stunning I wanted to move in… and was happy to do so by making myself super comfy for the weekend ahead. 

We settled in with a delish round of happy hour snacks and imbibing in our room (champs for him, sparkling water for her) and then head off to the NoMI spa for some much needed mom and dad downtime.


The spa was exactly what the doctor ordered. Eric had a custom massage tailored just to his needs, and I was able to try out the super on-trend HydraFacial for the first time which was a total game changer for my skin. I can not recommend this service enough for anyone look to get a deep cleanse and a serious glow up. 

And then of course there was the food… my favorite part, always. Time to head to dinner!


Dining at Park Hyatt Chicago is a THING, you guys. Very well known for their NoMI Garden (seasonal outdoor dining) and NoMI Kitchen (year round upscale dining), these are not at all your typical hotel restaurants. Frequented by locals and travelers alike, NoMI Kitchen is a destination for the culinary set.

With its incredible views and chic decor, NoMI is a great go-to for date nights, special occasions, or your next girls night. Featuring luxurious, contemporary fare that mixes a crave-worthy Japanese sushi bar with amazing French-inspired dishes, it is, in a word, yum. 


By the end of our weekend we were on cloud nine. I guess this is what a babymoon is all about. 

To finish off an already amazing stay, we opted to do a romantic, in-room brunch (gotta stay in those fluffy robes, right?) and take in our last morning overlooking our city and lake before having to head back home and back to reality. I mean, it’s either that or we just stay forever. 

It is official. I’ve been fully converted.

Now I totally get and fully support the notion of the babymoon as something that should be mandatory and absolutely prioritized. It was an amazing opportunity for Eric and I to relax and reconnect before the guaranteed chaos that it is to come and what a weekend it was! A million thank you’s to the Park Hyatt Chicago for making our babymoon dreams come true. 

And, in case you missed it on Instagram, I’m sneaking a little BONUS here at the end for my loyal readers who made it to the end of this post. Our gender reveal went live last night! If you didn’t check it out already, click here to see if your team boy or team girl guesses were correct. 



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  1. Donna Hauser

    Wonderful overview of the Babymoon at the Park Hyatt!!!! While you were living the good life Mazzi Donna was taking care of baby Blake!! I need a Baby Moon for Grandmothers now!!!

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