A Better Night’s Sleep with Molecule Mattress

For me, a good night’s sleep typically starts with three things: lighting my favorite candle, meditating before bed (I use the Headspace app), and making sure I’m sleeping on amazing sheets on top of an incredible mattress. Once we made the move to our new place last month, however, our mattresses were feeling anything but incredible.

I couldn’t quite pinpoint it, but something just wasn’t right. I struggled every night to fall asleep, and then even on the nights where sleep would come easily, I couldn’t stay asleep. I tossed and turned and complained to Eric about the mattress just being “wrong.” My beloved mattress that I had sworn by for years just wasn’t cutting it. We started doing a bit of research and I was immediately intrigued to try one of the new, coil-less mattresses that ship direct to your home. But how to know which one was best? And could a mattress in a box really be as good as they claim? It was a lot to take in and I took to the reviews!

molecule mattress

Molecule mattress jumped out for a few reasons. First and foremost was their cooling technology. I don’t know about you, but I get super hot when I sleep. Eric always jokes and calls me “the oven” since my body heats up to like a zillion degrees once I’m in a deep sleep — am I sleeping or baking cookies? One may never know… but in all seriousness, I think it’s what keeps me up most nights.

To read about Molecule’s mattress being designed for max air flow and providing a ‘cooling effect’ throughout the night when you sleep was exactly what I knew I had been looking for! Could this really get rid of “Brett the oven?” I was excited to try Molecule out in our new home and I decided get one for our guest bedroom for a trial run. The mattress ships for free and with Molecule’s 60 Night Sleep Trial, you can try them out for free for the first 60 nights and return the mattress hassle free if you don’t like it. Done and done!

molecule mattress

When our Molecule mattress arrived I was a little shocked. I mean, granted, the box was as big as me… but could this really have an entire queen sized mattress in it?!? I was in a bit of disbelief and wasn’t sure if this was really going to be the right fit for us. In the past, I had spent days mattress shopping in a traditional mattress store, dropped a bunch of coin, and then came home to wait on a team of guys to delivery, lug and hoist my new, huge mattress into my home. It was a PROCESS. There is no way that I just clicked a few buttons online, and had a performance mattress delivered in a box that I could manage myself… or was there? 

Bringing the box in definitely required two of us (thanks, hubby) but once our Molecule was inside, the rest was really quite easy.

The mattress came with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and even a handy little tool to help break that new baby out of its packaging!! And once our Molecule was free, it did the rest of the work itself. It literally unfolded and turned into a thick, supportive, queen size mattress right before our very eyes! I gotta say, it was pretty darn cool to see.

molecule mattress

molecule mattress

There was nothing skimpy, small or thin about it. This was a big, beefy, full size mattress. Wowza! And because Molecule mattresses are optimized for cooling and muscle recovery, the many layers built in are firm and supportive, while still being soft and amazingly comfortable. I was impressed and ready to try it out for a first night’s sleep.

molecule mattress

I started out by smoothing on a set of the Molecule sheets which are made with cotton and TENCEL™ that add yet another layer of moisture-wicking coolness to my sleep to help with a longer, cooler, more comfortable night’s rest. I mean, when in Rome, right? If you’re trying to get a cool night’s sleep, you’ve got to use all of the matching cool technology accessories! The sheets were silky perfection. Like the softest, most sumptuous cotton you’ve ever rested your little self on, they were dreamy and yes, cool to the touch, just as they promised!

molecule mattress

Sleeping on my Molecule was an absolute dream. Not only was it better than I ever thought a ‘bed in a box’ could be, but it actually exceeded every expectation I’ve had of any mattress, ever. It was firm, supportive, cooling, comfortable, soft and luxurious. I absolutely loved it. The only problem? It’s in my GUEST BEDROOM!! Um, fail. Why didn’t I get this for our bedroom?! Eric and I keep saying that we’re just going to move into the guest bedroom because we both get a better night sleep in there.

molecule mattress

If anything, we’ll be buying another soon for our master and upgrading our mattress game in ALL ROOMS!

But for now, the one who can easily get their hands on a new Molecule mattress is YOU! I’ve teamed up with Molecule to bring you an awesome chance to win a mattress of your very own. Here is all you have to do…

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Winner will be selected at random & will receive a MOLECULE mattress & set of MOLECULE cooling sheets in the size & color of their choice.


Good Luck my loves! I can’t wait to see which one of you is the winner!


4 thoughts on “A Better Night’s Sleep with Molecule Mattress

  1. Rachel W Lewter

    Everyone needs a great night of sleep to function properly. I’m so excited to read all the reviews noted on your feed. The timing couldn’t be any better on your giveaway. Both beds in my house are ready for a new mattress. Having back/bone issues it’s important to get a good nights sleep to function the following day.
    Thanks again for the chance to win.

  2. Donna

    I slept on this mattress in you guest bedroom!! It was heavenly… so cool, just the right pressure and I have back problems as you know. A great nights sleep.. Can’t wait to come back and relax with Molecule ❤️?Zzzzzz

  3. Donna Hauser

    I slept on this mattress in you guest bedroom!! It was heavenly… so cool, just the right pressure and I have back problems as you know. A great nights sleep.. Can’t wait to come back and relax with Molecule ❤️?Zzzzzz

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