Botox: Pulling the Curtain Back at Lincoln Park Aesthetics

Botox Her Tasty Life

I’ll admit it… I used to hide the fact that I use Botox. It was impressed upon me early on that it just wasn’t something that you should tell people or be open about. It was “hush hush”… your little secret. Be discreet about it and just let everyone think you’re miraculously defying gravity while the rest of us mere mortals are starting to see some wrinkles crop up in the usual spots.

But why?

Just like any other preventative maintenance we do for our skin (think: the latest in facials, spending up on anti-aging moisturizers, microdermabrasion), you name it, it has never been taboo to try to reverse the clock, and yet the big “B” word often still carries a bit of stigma with it. I’m calling BS on that right now.

Everyone does it (or probably has considered it) and I can tell you, for tons of women, “getting some ‘tox” has become just as common a step in the preventative beauty routine as layering on some sunblock before you leave the house. So today, I’m pulling back the curtain and taking you with me to my annual appointment at Lincoln Park Aesthetics to shed some light on just how not-scary, not-painful, and not-taboo botox actually is.

Ok, so here we are! My annual “touch up” at Lincoln Park Aesthetics… and this is me squinting away for my best gal (Physician Assistant Certified) Rachel Schulman, showing her what is bugging me on my face. She is a master injector and can work miracles on just about anyone. From the tiniest, most natural looking touch up, to a really va-va-voom overhaul, she creates a custom plan to suit exactly what you want to target and refine. In my case, it’s a few forehead wrinkles and the crows feet that drive me absolutely bonkers when I smile. 

Botox Her Tasty Life

Botox is completely customizable and yes, you can get a little or you can get a lot. Just because you’ve decided to treat the pesky little wrinkles on your face with an injection does NOT mean that you’re going to wind up looking like the Cat Lady. In fact, quite the opposite, provided you’re going to someone who is skilled, experienced, and knows what they’re doing. It’s why I’m super choosy about where I go, who I see, and why I’d never just hunt around for some bargain botox or coupon scenario. Lincoln Park Aesthetics hires the best, only works in non-surgical procedures, and allows you to take your time asking as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. 

After creating my plan, discussing my desired outcome (to look youthful, soft, and refreshed, but NOT frozen) we get to work… 

First, Rachel grabs a bunch of “before” photos of me (this is super important) that she’ll use to compare my results to in 2-3 weeks once everything has kicked in (and in case any small refinements need to be made). 

Botox Her Tasty Life

We grab the mirror and pin point exactly what we’re going to target, how much botox she’ll use (also known as “units”), and chat about what I can expect results to look like for me. A lot of people don’t know this, but botox doesn’t have an immediate impact. In fact, it takes a few weeks for the full desired effect to take shape, so it’s important your expectations are set accordingly and you know to have a little bit of patience with the process. 

Up next come the injections (which honestly are minimally invasive and virtually painless) but if you’re squeamish or at all funny about needles, I have included a few pics of me getting my injections so you might want to quickly scroll past now… 

BOOM! That’s it… easy and done. It’s so quick and just feels like a teeny tiny pinch. Personally, I don’t do any numbing or icing pre-injecting (I promise, getting botox DOES NOT HURT). However, if you’re at all nervous, or scared it might be painful, Lincoln Park Aesthetics does an incredible job offering a full lineup of numbing creams, ice, vibration wands (these are fun!), that help keep things 100% pain-free and comfortable. Taking advantage of these if you’re a first timer is never a bad idea. 

Once your appointment is over, you’re free to move about your day… there is no downtime, no healing, and you could literally go right to a lunch with your girlfriends and no one would even be the wiser. Within the first 24 hours you should avoid working out (or anything that would make you sweat) and do not lie down completely flat. That’s it! Just wait a few weeks and watch the miracles appear… 

This is me post-botox about 2.5 weeks later. It’s still me… just a me that looks more refreshed, rested, and possibly even a few years younger. I notice such a difference and couldn’t be happier with the final results we were able to achieve. 

Botox Her Tasty Life

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about botox and maybe even reduce a bit of that old “hush hush” attitude around something that is now so commonplace it’s practically like brushing your teeth.

If you’re in Chicago, Lincoln Park Aesthetics is definitely my recommended go-to — they’re always happy to have you in for a consult so you can assess your needs, the cost, and a treatment plan that’s right for you. They’ve even been sweet enough to offer a special to all of my readers! LPA will offer 20% off botox (or customized injections) with code: HER TASTY LIFE upon booking.

Every patient is different and should be treated as such… going to the experts is a must! 



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    Of course I’m biased when I say you didnt need it because you are a natural beauty but I will admit you look amazing. Thank you for sharing…. your gal is terrific!

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