Buh Bye, Winter Hair!

It’s mid-February and my hair is crying. Loudly.

The static. The dry air. The constant exposure to indoor heat.

Can a girl get a break?

With all of the heat styling and color treating we already put our hair through, the last thing we need is additional harm caused by the elements, or, ignoring them. One broken strand too many and I went on the hunt for the best products to combat the winter hair blues.

From protection, to moisture, to treatment… here are my Top 5 Winter Hair Essentials:


1. Dry Bar Cream Soda: this is a fantastic protective layer for the hair. Use it pre-blow dry to put some additional moisture between your hair and the dryer. Pro tip: you can also use Cream Soda to tame flyaways on dry hair, too.

2. Tangle Teezer: probably my best kept secret, until now. How you brush your hair – and more importantly – what you brush it with, makes such a difference. The teezer is hair heaven with its wide-set bristles that reduce knotting and works magic on hair, especially when wet. Hair feels thicker and less hair ends up in the brush.

3. evo the great hydrator: I am in love with the evo line of products, especially this conditioner! Their line is filled with active ingredients (no fillers) that are all sulphate, paraben and alcohol free. The great hydrator is one of their best and most luxurious products that leaves my hair silky and ultra-smooth with zero residue.

4. Hello Hair Hydrating Mask: cult classic alert! This product is social media famous and a bit harder to find, but is almost always available on the Hello Hair website. This once a month treatment is chockfull of the best oils for hair; Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil make this a total hair transformation product. With all that oil you’d think it would leave the hair a greasy mess, but, no! Just pure, glossy, deliciousness.

5. evo mane prescription: yep, another evo product! This one is for rebuilding the hair you’ve broken or lost. It’s the first protein treatment I’ve found that leaves hair soft instead of crunchy. Use every 3 shampoos for strengthened, healthy hair. The more it’s used, the stronger hair becomes.

Now that you’re armed with the Top 5 products, get ready to say Bye, Felicia to that winter hair!


4 thoughts on “Buh Bye, Winter Hair!

  1. Angie Meredith

    Hey Brett! I tried the Tangle Teezer brush after seeing this post – I LOVE the results! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Did you know that John Frieda brought back the Beach Blonde line??? It’s available – via Amazon Prime – super cheap. My hair fantasies are coming to life!!

    1. hertastylife

      Angie!! That’s awesome… I’m so glad you love the teezer. Erin bought it, too! We are teezing triplets now. It’s such an odd looking little brush, but it’s wonderful! Thanks for the feedback (and the reco on the John Frieda… I’ve never tried the beach blonde products).

      Love it! XXOO

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