12 Killer Looks for NYE

Did you know there are only 11 days left until New Year’s Eve, my loves? True statement. The illustrious end to an eventful year is oh-so-near! Not to fret, my sweet little firecrackers, there is still plenty of time to get something glamorous and fabulous on that body of yours. Although I won’t be going out this NYE – I’m lookin’ at you, new mom life – that doesn’t mean I don’t want to live ever so vicariously through you and help you close out 2017 with a BANG! If you’re looking for other fashionable dresses you can visit sites such as https://shopbittersweet.com/dresses/.

I got to thinking, what would I wear if I were going out this year? There are so many fun trends that popped up this season and I was drawn most to the metals and pieces with unique visual interest. Think: a cool cutout or interesting texture. Luxe fabrics are where it’s at and I’ve rounded up twelve gorgeous looks sure to light the night at any NYE soiree.

NYE Dresses

You can see I didn’t shy away from anything sparkly… of course you’d expect to find a decent handful of sequined and frosted getups on any NYE best of list, but I found myself gravitating toward items that were a bit more unique than your typical sequin bodycon mini. For example, take a cue out of the millennial pink handbook this year and say yes to a sequin midi or slightly more casual sequin t-shirt dress in blush… or go full glam-thank-you-mam with an ultra chic one-sleeved ombr√© showstopper.

Feeling a bit more bold? There’s a stunning House of Harlow jumpsuit making an appearance. Also, two very on trend liquid metal dresses in silver and gold. I’d personally be all over #10 if I were going out this year. Just sayin’.

I threw in a few slightly more conservative lace and velvet numbers — there’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic. Or, the sleek cutout sheath is just about as sexy as you can get without actually showing much skin at all. I love dresses like this! It’s all about the imagination.

All of the dresses are here and clickable:

Cheers to a fun-filled NYE and also what was hopefully an epic, successful, healthy and lovely 2017. There is so much to look forward to in the new year, I can’t wait to see what’s in store!