Spotlight On: Owen + Alchemy

Owen + Alchemy Chicago exterior [photo courtesy Owen + Alchemy]

Owen + Alchemy exterior [photo courtesy Owen + Alchemy]

Today I’m shedding a little light on my new favorite juice bar, Owen + Alchemy. They’ve recently cropped up in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago and have juicers and non-juicers alike swarming to snatch up their beautiful, bottled creations.

The cold-pressed juice crafters behind Owen will be the first to tell you, they’re a juice apothecary, not a juice bar and one visit to their stylish storefront puts it all in perspective.

From the hip, minimalist approach to decor, to their cross-shaped living wall of plants and chilled cabinets full of elixirs, Owen + Alchemy exudes a certain level of cool that most juicery’s do not.

Owen + Alchemy Chicago menu wall

Owen + Alchemy menu wall

In a time where juice (and especially juice cleanses) are all the rage, it’s tough to set oneself apart from the masses but Owen has done that, seemingly with ease. Beyond the nifty presentation and decor elements, their staff is well-versed in the benefits of juice, cold-pressing, and working more whole foods into your diet. It’s not just juice for the sake of cramming a garden salad’s worth of vegetables into your tummy in a handy, to-go sippy cup. It’s about addressing the body’s needs and fine tuning your juice-perience to take better care of yourself.

I love showing up to Owen + Alchemy with whatever ails me that day (lack of energy, sluggish immune system, feeling heavy) and having their knowledgeable staffers know just the blend of tonics to send me packing with.

Owen + Alchemy Chicago juices

Owen + Alchemy juices

Over time I’ve developed a handful of favorite juices I’ve become devoted to, but the Owen folks never cease to amaze with their continued creativity and juice blends. The alchemy in “Owen + Alchemy” is a force, you reckon? Some of the most unusual and unexpectedly tasty mixtures are being pressed here. Think flavor combos like: blueberry, basil and lime or heirloom tomato with organic himalayan sea salt. It’s not your average green drink.

Of course, they have those, too (hello #01) but it’s way more than just a green drink alone that keeps me coming back.

Looking for a bit more chew to your roughage? Owen also has got some pretty sweet smoothies, shakes, bowls and salads. If you’ve ever wanted to try an acai berry bowl, they have an awesome one! My heart belongs to the cashew yogurt bowl though. It’s so decadent while somehow being 100% good for you. With coconut milk, cashew yogurt, banana, chia seeds, orange, grapefruit, sesame brittle and shredded coconut, it’s positively TO DIE FOR. It rivals any breakfast, healthy or gluttonous. Get this, for real.

Owen + Alchemy Chicago juice 06, 33

Owen + Alchemy 06, 33

A lot of you are probably thinking: what about a juice cleanse? Owen + Alchemy does offer two levels of cleanses that you can purchase online and pick up in-store. One is juice only while the other does offer a hybrid of juice and food. They’ll run you about $65-75 per day and provide benefits that range anywhere from eliminating toxins from the body, to relieving stress and effects from poor diet choices. Yes, like last week’s pizza and all those Stan’s Donuts. Guilty as charged.

I’ve yet to try an Owen cleanse but do fully support the notion of cleansing. A little healthy reset does wonders for the body and the mind. After a particularly gluttonous run of “blogging research” (i.e. pigging out), a cleanse always helps me push the restart button on a more fit and fabulous mindset.

Owen + Alchemy Chicago juice 58

Owen + Alchemy 58

Owen has been in heavy rotation as of late and I have pretty much sampled the full juice menu. If you want to get your shopping list out, a few of Her Tasty Life’s favorite Owen + Alchemy creations are:

  • 58: cold-brewed organic coffee, raw almond, raw cashew, maca, vanilla bean ❧ total energy boost in a bottle
  • 06: kale, parsley, romaine, ginger, coconut water ❧ the coconut water makes this green drink different and M|E|G|A hydrating
  • 59: young raw coconut juice, young raw coconut meat ❧ the cult classic and a quick sell-out, one taste tells you why (island fabulousness)
  • 15: apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne ❧ with very similar properties to a master cleanse beverage, this is a total immunity and metabolic booster
  • 33: sweet potato, carrot, apple, cinnamon, ginger, organic himalayan sea salt ❧ take me to detoxify town, you fabulous root juice, you!
Owen + Alchemy Chicago juice 59

Owen + Alchemy 59

Juice may be trendy, and it may be pricey, but the health benefits are there. I certainly know I feel better on days I add a little more plant-based living than on days that I don’t. If you’ve seen the food documentary Forks Over Knives you know what I’m sayin’.

This sleek shop and their killer creations are definitely doing their part to make the decision easy to live a little more healthful.

Welcome to Logan Square, O + A. Cheers from the bottom of my blueberry basil bottle!

Owen + Alchemy | 2355 N Milwaukee Avenue | Chicago | IL | 60647



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  1. Sed Bona

    This post is brilliant and your points about Owen + Alchemy not being just another juice bar are SPOT ON! They really take the time to talk to you about healthy food wellness as a whole, not just sell you a bottle of juice (though let’s be honest, the bottles are so cute how can you not want to buy them all?). Great post about one of my very favorite spots!

    Sed Bona

    1. hertastylife

      Girlfriend! Thank YOU. Appreciate the kind words muchly. And yes, you’re 100% accurate, the bottles are completely irresistible. I’m not happy unless my fridge is full of ’em.

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