Brunch is Always a Good Idea | Refreshing Traditions with MacKenzie-Childs

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always had a piece of MacKenzie-Childs home decor displayed center stage somewhere in her home. From the ultra-recognizable check pattern tea kettle sitting on her stove, to the outdoor planters and seasonal wreaths that she brings out with the change in season, there has never been a time that MacKenzie-Childs hasn’t underscored the styling and feeling of home I get when I think of my mom.

Looking back, you have to imagine all of the tiny seeds that were planted as I grew up around a woman who took so much pride in creating a beautiful, welcoming space for gathering and entertaining. Being mindful of the details was not lost on me (thanks, mom) and today, as my own little family grows, I find myself leaning on so many of the traditions – and familiar brands, like MacKenzie-Childs – that help me elevate my own home, create lasting memories, and inspire joy to all who visit.

MacKenzie-Childs brunch

Setting the table for guests in our house is an EVENT and I just adore it. All of the pomp and circumstance around creating a vibe and mood for a party or gathering… ahhh, the excitement! I just love making things look whimsical and special. Each season I usually add a little something new and fun to my collection of serving pieces and table decor to keep things fresh and bright. Plus, it gives me the perfect excuse to host something fabulous, like a spring brunch. I mean, who doesn’t love brunch? The mimosas… the pastries… the yummy egg dishes… the mimosas!

A few weeks ago I picked up these darling MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Everyday Bowls to add a little pop of color to my tablescape and they inspired an entire floral theme that could not have been any more on point for a spring daytime soiree.


Mixing and matching my different MacKenzie-Childs pieces has to be one of my favorite things about the brand and why I know my mom always loved them so much, too. Whether you’re someone who sticks loyally to one print, or dabbles in a bit of everything (me!), it is all super versatile and always looks amazing layered together. So fear not if you don’t think you have a ‘good eye for decor’ you really can’t go wrong. I have three collections (Courtly Check, Flower Market, and Soho) blended here and they play off each other perfectly. I think my Soho Platinum Serving Bowl is hands down one of my favorite pieces I own and something I pull out time and time again. 


Bringing a beautiful brunch table to life like this is easier than you might think. I love to break it down in three easy to remember steps: 

  1. Fill the table | You want your spread to look abundant and inviting. Utilize all of the space on your table and bring the food and beverage to the guests family-style. Maybe you can also try getting a bouquet of flowers, (from someone like a Donvale flower delivery partner) with which, you can make a centerpiece for the table. You would want people to feel like they are sitting down to an experience.  
  2. Layer prints and textures | Don’t be afraid to mix it up! A gathering of heritage pieces, new items, and unique finds always tell a more interesting story. Use lots of textures that play well off each other and feel collected over time.
  3. Do something unexpected | Like using your MacKenzie-Childs tea kettle as a vase for your floral centerpiece. How cute does that look? Creative touches like this will be remembered and make an impression.
MacKenzie-Childs courtly check

It’s funny, even though my mom styles her MacKenzie-Childs pieces so very differently than my version, both are distinctly rooted in the exact same spirit of tradition, family, friends, and sharing wonderful times. I’m so happy to hopefully be planting this seed for you as well. These are pieces to be shared, gifted, enjoyed and loved — just like the people you experience them with.

Cheers to a superb spring brunch and many more to come! Linking all of the MacKenzie-Childs products I used to bring this brunch together here for you: 

*This post was sponsored by MacKenzie-Childs, all opinions, photos, and pieces are my own.


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  1. Julie Iantorno

    You created a beautiful table Brett. Who wouldn’t want to have brunch there. I do. It’s so inviting. You certainly got the entertaining table decor design gene from our family.

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