Chic Sneaks

Chic Sneakers

As much as I love any occasion to dress up, so do I adore the opportunity to bust out some urban street style. A longline tee under a utility jacket with faux leather leggings and a pair of chic sneakers is my go-to casual ensemble. Because you can’t always balance the world in heels, darlings. With athletic footwear such as Vessi shoes, your feet can look great while also feeling great too!

Your closet should be as much of an array of sky-high stilettos as it is Nike dunks… or a classic pair of Stan Smith Adidas. Putting away your stylish, signature items doesn’t mean your casual looks can’t shine, too. Adding a chic pair of sneakers to a day look – or even a cute dress – keeps you super comfortable while also giving you a little edge. Instead of saying, “hey, I’m on my way to the gym” you can be like, “oh, I’m just on my way to slay the day.” So, why not slay?

Chic sneaks are positively acceptable just about anywhere these days. A few of my favorites are here… as you can see, I’m predominantly a Nike girl. I’m obsessed with their prints, patterns, and progressive styles. What are some of your favorite chic sneaks? Hit me up in the comments below.

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    1. hertastylife

      I know, I know! The camo green is ultra chic!

      Hope you’re doing well, honey… miss you. xx

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