Ombré Lip Tutorial

ombre lip

Happy Halloweekend, babes!! I just love this time of year, don’t you? Whether you’re hitting up the spooktacular party circuit, or just looking to do something fun and different, I have just the trick (hmmmm, treat?) for you…

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lips REVISED1

You can do this awesome – and easy – little gradient trick to spice up your costume or Fall wardrobe alike. Ombré is not just for nails and hair… trying it on your lips adds a subtle but edgy note to your look that makes everyone ask, “how did you do that?”

I did this easy step-by-step tutorial with a dark red lip, but you can make this work for any color palette. Just choose any three colors in the same color family selecting a dark, medium and light shade. Follow the tips below and show off your oooh-la-la-ombré lips tonight.

Step One: Select Your Color Palette

Work with three shades (and a flat shading brush) to create this look.

ombre lip

I used: MAC Burgundy Lip Liner | Limecrime Velvetines in Red Velvet | BITE Beauty high pigment pencil in Pomegranate | MAC flat shader brush

Step Two: Using your darkest shade first, line your lips and fill in lip slightly – leaving center of lip completely bare – with a nice, sharp liner   

ombre lip

ombre lip

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lip Tutorial02

Step Three: Move on to your medium shade (I prefer using a liquid lipstick here for full coverage). Working in from where you left off with the dark liner, start filling in beneath that with this medium shade. Bring this layer in closer to the center of the lip, still leaving a bit on the inner most part totally bare. 

ombre lip tutorial

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lip Tutorial05

ombre lip

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lip Tutorial07

Now you’re at the midway point! Your lips should look like this up-close:

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lip Tutorial08

Step Four: Here is where that shader brush comes into play! Using the brush, lightly feather the two colors together. You want to soften the edges between the darkest and medium shades so they blend together nicely


ombre lip tutorial

Step Five: Using the lightest shade, fill in the middle of the lip to cover all bare spots

Her Tasty Life_Ombre Lip Tutorial11

ombre lip

ombre lip

And that’s it!! Now you have a full and fabulous ombré lip. Perfect for your parties this Halloween weekend or anytime of year. Slap on a pair of ears and you’re ready to go…


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9 thoughts on “Ombré Lip Tutorial

  1. Donna

    As you know I have been doing this for about 50 years,,,Very happy it is catching on. Now I can wear my look with confidence!!! Glad you noticed!!!!

  2. Sed Bona

    How gorgeous are you Brett! You look absolutely stunning — must try this tutorial for all of the holiday parties coming up!

    So pumped you’re doing posts beyond food (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the food), you just have such a great perspective on life in general!

    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. hertastylife

      The nicest words EVER!!! Thank you, Ash!!!

      It’s hard to branch out — you know everybody just loves the universal language of food so so so much — it’s a bit scary, but this kind of support makes it just feel right.


      1. Sed Bona

        Ha I’m officially your biggest lifestyle fan! Your lifestyle posts make me so happy (about as happy as your food posts make me hungry — tells me you are branching out in all the right directions)!

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