Bun in the Oven + A Much Needed Break

Well hello, friends! Its been awhile, hasn’t it? If you’re a frequent reader of Her Tasty Life you’re probably wondering where the heck I’ve been the last few months (did ya miss me?)… but if you follow me on Instagram, then you likely already know. Pregnancy announcement alert:

We’re PREGGO! Yes, we are expanding the Firdman clan and are expecting our second bundle of joy this fall – our due date is November 22nd – and what a crazy ride it has already started out to be this time around. Let me tell you, being pregnant with a toddler at home is absolutely NO JOKE.

pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy is already hard enough, especially during your first trimester when it’s literally wreaking havoc on your body. The exhaustion, the nausea, the getting up to pee constantly. Of course I remember the first tri woes not-so-fondly from the last time around, but what I neglected to think about was how it goes when you also have a little somebody relying on you everyday. Want to take a nap? Too bad, Blake wants to go to the park. Feeling like being around grilled meat might send you over the edge? Well, little muffin is requesting hamburgers today. LOL and so it goes… pregnancy without all of the fluff and fanfare. This is real life.

pregnancy annoucement

Now please don’t take this as me complaining, that’s definitely not the case. We are beyond thrilled to be expecting and to give Blake a little brother or sister this year, I’m just giving you the low down, my dear readers, on why I went MIA from this blog I love so much for what felt like ages. It just wasn’t manageable and my-oh-my, how hard that was to admit to myself. Gah. I had to come to the realization that for once, I actually couldn’t do it all.

Between work, Blake, home life, keeping Instagram going, and giving myself some much needed rest when I could take it, I had to let some things go. And while the blog is a labor of love, labor it still is…

But, as you can see, I’m back. TADA! I’m finally in my second tri (whoop, whoop) and feeling much, much better. Gone are the days of running out of the room anytime meat would be cooking, and my energy and vibes are on the upswing. So, what better comeback could one plan than to hit you with a pregnancy announcement and some awesome life updates. I mean, it wouldn’t be nearly as impactful or exciting had I returned with an article like ‘My 10 Favorite Tops for Summer’, although who knows, that actually may be in the pipe for future posts.

pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement

Can I just say, it feels good to be back. You never know how much you’re going to miss something until it is gone — and while yes, this was a choice I made on my own, I didn’t realize how much I would miss writing and blogging until I wasn’t doing it for a stretch of time. I can’t wait to bring you some new and fantastically fun content this summer and beyond. Any questions for me? Leave ’em in the comments below.

pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement

And can I just say what a killer job Jamie of Colette Park did with these pregnancy announcement photos? My god, she was incredible. On this particular day, it was raining (we were outside), and Blake was not having it with taking photos. He was in major meltdown mode over a snack bar, carrying on about his bunny, and saying ‘ready to go’ every five seconds. LOL, terrible two’s much?! But tell me, do you see any of that in these photos? NO and no-ski. Jamie was so patient, sweet, and engaging with Blake that we managed to somehow still get some serious #familygoals photography to treasure for years to come. My biggest recommendations and heaps of appreciation go out to her.

pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement
pregnancy announcement

Outfit Details
Dress | Vici
Jacket | All are Levi’s (with custom lettering by A Lil Sign or Somethin)
Shoes | Giuseppe Zanotti (they’re quite old, similar here and here)

Venue Details
Bridgeport Arts Center

Colette Park


13 thoughts on “Bun in the Oven + A Much Needed Break

  1. Audrey Sullivan

    Brett! Congratulations on the news of your upcoming arrival! So happy for you and so glad your were able to take some time away! #selfcaregoals Wishing you an easy breezy pregnancy from here on out! Xo!

  2. Mazzi Donna

    Wonderful blog and beautiful pictures of you guys and baby Blake. I am so excited about our new baby coming and that you are feeling better is wonderful. I can’t wait to see Blake and enjoy family time soon.

  3. Erika

    Very happy for you and yours, beautiful one!!! While I’m hoping for happy + healthy above all else, I have to say I’m rooting for a SISTER for that sweet little boy! BIG Congrats!!!!!!

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