Pure + Simple Açaí Bowl Recipe

acai bowl recipe

Calling all clean eating babes! Or even you wannabe clean eating babes… yeah, you come over here, too. I’ve got something to tell you. Those beautiful açai bowls you see all over Instagram? They’re not just for putting something pretty up in your feed. They’re amazing and surprisingly easy to make yourself. No, really!

That glorious bowl up there took me a whopping 5 minutes to make. So, why are you running yourself all over town trying to find one?

For any of you loves that haven’t caught wind of the Açai (ah-sigh-EE) bowl trend yet (where have you been, under a rock?), an açai bowl is a glorious frozen concoction made of the ultra nutrient-dense açai berry and a variety of toppings. Because who doesn’t LOVE toppings?! The açai berry is higher in antioxidants than any other berry and supports immunity, digestion and fullness. Basically, swap this for your morning oatmeal and stay full longer while making your skin glow and shrinking your waistline. Score! I’m wholly addicted to them and think you will be, too, after you try this pure and simple açai bowl recipe.

Once you know where to find frozen açai (don’t worry, I’ll tell you), the rest is as easy as sprinkling some fruit and granola over the top. Ready to get started?

Step 1: Buy Frozen Açai Berry 

Acai Bowl Recipe

I prefer the Sambazon brand. They come in amazing single-serve packets (4 packets to a bag) and are sold at Whole Foods.  If they aren’t sold at your local Whole Foods, Sambazon has a ‘find this product’ tool on it’s website that will help you locate it at a store near you. Easy!

Pro tip: use 2 single-serve packets for this açai bowl recipe. I find just one of the single-serve packets a bit skimpy portion-wise. At only 110 calories per packet, it’s a no brainer.

Step 2: Blend Açai Berry Blend Packets with Juice

acai bowl recipe

Place the frozen açai into your blender, add 1/4 Cup of your favorite juice (I love fresh-squeezed orange) or water and blend until smooth.

It should be a thick consistency, almost like sorbet.

Pour into a bowl:

acai bowl recipe

Step 3: Get Your Toppings Ready  

acai bowl recipe

acai bowl recipe

Here is where you make this açai bowl recipe your own! Açai bowls traditionally have a mix of fruit, nuts and often nut butters as toppings, but you can put whatever healthy favorites you love. Just no gummy bears!

A few Her Tasty Life favorite toppings:

  • Banana
  • Fresh Figs
  • Berries
  • Shredded Coconut
  • KIND Blueberry Granola
  • Justin’s Almond Butter
  • Chia Seeds
  • Almonds

Step 4: Top and Enjoy! 

acai bowl recipe

acai bowl recipe

Ta-Daaa! In just a few minutes (and very little $$) you have a supremely healthy, delicious, satisfying and – yes! – very Instagram-worthy breakfast. I hope you’ll make this açai bowl recipe part of your weekly routine… and invite me to join.

Acai Bowl Recipe

Happy Blending!



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