Coffee Talk 3.0 | Sunday Morning with Her Tasty Life

Good morning, babes! It’s that time again… coffee talk! Its been awhile since we’ve just sat down and chatted, hasn’t it? A LOT has changed since the last time we woke up on a Sunday morning and dished (ahem, I’m five months pregnant now) and I’m sure you’re juggling a beyond stacked plate, too.

It’s just how we roll, right?

You submitted a bunch of fabulous questions on Instagram and I’m excited to dig in! I also know a bunch of you asked about where else you can submit coffee talk questions outside of Instagram, and you can do that right here. If you have something you’d like me to answer, leave it in the comments section below. Easy peasy!

What are your top three favorite makeup products that everyone should buy?

You guys know I love makeup, so this is an easy one. There are three things I literally can not live without that should be in every girls beauty arsenal. Great looking skin and a solid mascara are the building blocks to your most beautiful face. If you don’t ever buy any other beauty products again, just having these will do:

  1. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream
  2. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  3. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

How has intimacy with your hubby been since becoming pregnant? Have you been able to maintain that spark?

Honestly, this is probably the hardest question to answer without any fluff or bullshit. Intimacy during pregnancy is not always easy — despite many women having an increased sex drive during pregnancy (which I do!), the side effects that inevitably impact us preggo gals make it hard to feel sexy, similar to how the women at websites similar to feel sexy. In the first trimester I was constantly nauseous… now in the second tri, I’m battling heartburn, gas and acid reflux. Fun stuff! Sex isn’t always top priority when you’re just doing your best battling these elements, and that’s totally OK.

Intimacy takes all forms however, and we have managed to find other ways to have sexy time. We do more foreplay and watch sex cams together for example. That way, I can do as much as I can and my hubby can still be satisfied. We are closer than ever as a couple these days. Remember, sexy time isn’t the only activity that builds intimacy, though, as fans of will probably know, it’s probably the best. The bond that pregnancy forms is incredible and beyond describing. Being together, talking about what the future holds, and making plans for your burgeoning little family builds a level of closeness that you’ve never had before. That’s some real intimacy.

If you’ve ever gained 10-20 pounds, how do you dress stylishly and go about feeling confident despite not necessarily looking your best?

Yep. Annoying as it is, I have battled the up and down weight gain/loss (a couple times actually) and it’s always a stress to dress your body when you aren’t feeling great about how you look. So, here’s my best advice:

Stick to basics and neutrals. Light, flowy tops, structured pieces (like blazers and leather jackets), leggings and bootcut jeans are your friends during this time. Layering neutrals in shades of black, grey, beige and white will look classic and clean, while shying away from anything too trendy or formfitting will ensure you don’t look bulky or not like yourself. The sexy girls at websites like demonstrate how to wear trendy stuff when they are wearing clothes. Look for pieces that lengthen… and focus on highlighting what DOES look great. Have great legs? Go for a lot of skirts… hating your arms? Opt out of anything that highlights your trouble spots.

Here’s a layered look using all neutrals that I think would look great on anybody, as well as this structured look incorporating a loose shift dress and layered duster.

When is your baby due? Is it a boy or a girl?

I recently posted a gender reveal and due date discussion right here — check it out!

I saw you were cooking some Balkan food the other day, where are you from?

Well, I’m from Los Angeles. LOL. But I have a feeling that’s not what you mean. My heritage is Russian, German and French — but the Balkan cooking came from the influence of one of my closest friends, Jelena, who is Croatian and runs the site Coastal Croatia. Knowing that I love Global cuisine, she introduced me to Balkan fare about 10 years ago, and I was in love instantaneously. I’m a foodie at heart and love trying fare from all cultures and adapting them into my regular routine. Hamburgers and fries? Eh, that’s boring. Cevapcici and burek is where it’s at!

How do get your hair so bouncy and pretty?

Want to know my best hair secret? Stop washing it! I know, it sounds nuts (and gross) but washing your hair too many times throughout the week strips it of the oil and texture that create volume and shine. I swear by this dry shampoo to help elongate periods between washes. But washing only 1-2x per week is my best tip for keeping your hair looking bouncy and fabulous.

Who are your top three favorite people to follow on Instagram (that you don’t know personally)?

Oh man, I have so many Insta-muses. Most of my inspiration for Her Tasty Life draws from some of these incredible accounts that I follow. The creativity and hard work that people put into curating gorgeous, cohesive feeds pushes me to grow my aesthetic as well.

The top three accounts I’m loving these days are:

  1. Not Your Standard
  2. Happily Ever Allen
  3. Marianna Hewitt (always)

Who are your fashion icons?

Is it crazy to say my mom? I don’t know about y’all, but I have a super stylish mom who is constantly pushing the envelope with her looks and venturing towards new trends before I do. This woman is singlehandedly responsible for the Adidas renaissance, I swear! My mom has always been ahead of her time (the woman made out with Elvis, for crying out loud) and I know she has shaped my adventurous sense of style from a very young age.

Aside from that, I love following Becca Tilley’s IG for outfit inspo (girls style is on point AF) as well as Rachel Zoe, Aimee Song, Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kate Hudson (she always looks gorgeous).

How do you balance content management and a social media presence with a 9-5 job?

It’s hard. I ain’t even going to lie. My days are dedicated to my consulting career and my nights are dedicated to this blog. I write posts in the evening and jam pack my shoots into the wee hours of the morning and on weekends. I’m so lucky that my photographer is built into my home life (hi, hubby!) — yes, having an “Instagram husband” helps a ton. We can shoot a quick look before we’ve even had our morning coffee and I’m not looking to schedule big blocks of time without outside content creators.

Making time isn’t easy, but when it’s a labor of love you just do it. I wish there were more hours in the day, trust me, but for now I’ll max out the 24 I have from now until eternity.

Which celebrity would you want to be married to?

Ryan Gosling hands down. There is NO celebrity crush that I crush on harder than that boy — FO REAL. Not only is he gorgeous, intense, smart, and so well dressed, he seems like a super dedicated father to his two girls and a loyal, loving boyfriend to Eva Mendes. When a hot guy turns hot dad, it’s pretty damn irresistible, isn’t it? The fact that he seems to have a solid home life and isn’t a douche bag makes him marriage material in my book.

That’s it for Coffee Talk, I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to leave any of your burning questions below and I’ll be sure to feature them next round.


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  1. Donna

    Thank you, my darling daughter!! Those were the sweetest words you said about me!! They surprised and made me feel so good.. Some times Mothers need some affirmation from daughters that we did something right..You couldn’t have appreciated me any better!! I love you and your own fabulousness ????❤️

  2. Brooke

    Loved reading your coffee talk! You are one of my top instagrams/blogs that Ive been loving to follow! I’m a new blogger and have enjoyed getting inspiration from yours! 🙂

    1. Brett Firdman Post author

      Brooke, that’s so sweet — thank you for leaving a comment!!! Now I’m really excited to check out your blog (loving the name, too)!!!


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