Hey there, friends! Sorry it has been a hot minute since you’ve seen a post from me, but as you may have seen all over my social media as of late, I MOVED! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that moving is the actual worst. I can feel the sympathy emanating off of you already (thanks for that), it’s certainly a stressful time to say the least.

We didn’t move too far, just to another neighborhood of Chicago, but nonetheless it was positive madness as moving always is. Transitioning from the North side to the West Loop has been quite the adventure thus far – we are absolutely adoring the new neighborhood! – and with change in scenery outside is also coming a change of scenery inside.

It was a no brainer taking this as an excellent opportunity to refresh and update our décor, and I’ve been nonstop combing through home décor inspiration boards, pins, magazines and online stores for weeks. What has culminated is a melange of contemporary, clean and, of course, fuzzy. I’ve put a few of these products into play already in our new place (like the couch, fuzzy pillows and gold accents) and wanted to share a little more of what’s to come.

These are a few of my current favorite pieces that can easily transform and modernize a living space, just as I’m doing with mine.

home decor inspiration

Each one of my favorites above is CLICKABLE, so go ahead, check stuff out!

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of gray, white, gold and furry. LOL. I’m loving mixing clean neutrals with soft and cozy accessories. It’s makes for such an inviting, zen-like atmosphere. Moving toward a more minimal décor style has proven challenging — I’m such a ‘put a candle or a picture frame on ANYTHING’ type gal — however, restraint and self-editing are slowly replacing those old habits.

Chilling at home has taken on an all new hue and I’m loving it!

home decor inspiration

With any luck (and a lot more home décor inspiration), the rest of our house will come together soon and we can do another one of these for you in no time. Fingers crossed!




    1. hertastylife

      Yay! Thank you… so glad you like them! As you can tell, I’m a bit neutral obsessed.

      Have you found any fun things online I should take a peek at?

      1. Junkshow

        You know, I spend a lot of time on One Kings Lane and end up being happy with what I’ve purchased only half the time. I’ve found some great sights through my designer ( yes, I’m cheating) Wisteria, Gabby Home, and even West Elm and Ballard which I’m sure you’ve already checked. Have fun!!

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